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日本運動球品牌 TACHIKARA 於 1915 年在東京成立。1950年,創辦人 飯室 豐三郎 的弟弟 飯室 至 設計出全球首個無縫籃球為TACHIKARA的SEAMLESS技術奠定基礎。及後,我們制作了官方的“比賽用球“,提供給不同的世界運動組織,例如:奧林匹克運動會。

TACHIKARA 於 2015 年慶祝成立 100 週年。我們的願景是與時並進,匹配現今運動環境上快速增長的創造力,不斷地提供可以激發世界頂級球員以及球迷的原創產品。

一個所有熱愛運動的球員都將 TACHIKARA 稱為“我的球”的世界,這就是 TACHIKARA 所追求的生活方式。


TACHIKARA, the sports ball brand of Japan was established in Tokyo in 1915. Having devised the process that became the foundation of sports ball manufacturing techniques used today, we have created the official “match balls” for many of the organizations that control world sports, such as the Olympic Games.

TACHIKARA celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2015. Our vision is to match the rapidly growing creativity of the current sport scene and we to constantly offer original products that excite the world’s top players as well as the fans.

A world where all the players who love the sport call TACHIKARA “my ball”,This is the lifestyle TACHIKARA is aiming for.