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ITEM NO : SB7-219

COLOR : Neon Yellow / Black

SIZE : 7

MATERIAL : Composite PU


  • FLASHBALL 與 WHITEHANDS 系列擁有相同的製作理念 - 在黑暗的環境下都擁有良好可視性。 
  • 因此TACHIKARA 初次使用了自行研發的螢光黃色合成皮革製作,令FLASHBALL 有如其名的在夜幕中閃爍。
  • 全新的街頭籃球系列為於日夜都在室外場地的球員帶來全新體驗。


  • FLASHBALL is a new outdoor basketball which is as same construction as WHITE HANDS BASKETBALL but uses TACHIKARA’s original neon yellow PU.
  • Neon yellow PU for visibility in dark environments so that it can even be used in outdoor playgrounds without flood lighting.
  • Developed by TACHIKARA for street ballers who hit the outdoor playgrounds day and night.