GAME’S LINE -BLUE- (ゲームズライン)

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ITEM NO : SB7-107  

COLOR : Game’s line Photograph Blue

SIZE : 7

MATERIAL : Top quality synthetic leather

  • To produce an actual game playing ball with graphics was heart’s desire for TACHIKARA. 
  • This ball ”GAME’S LINE” is created by a new technique which could be able to print a street playground picture all around the world to our highly recommend made in Japan top quality synthetic leather same as the HARDWOOD CLASSIC series.
  • It has easy handling touch being made with microfibre and the finest synthetic leather material for any environment giving it superior flexibility and grip with deep pebbled channels. 
  • This model “GAME’S LINE” has possibility to be a huge step for basketball.

  • 採用與世界公認籃球相同品質的合成皮革,配上全新製法的革命性產品-GAME’S LINE。
  • TACHIKARA 推薦的最高級室內用合成皮革籃球,如STREETBALL LEAGUE SOMECITY OFFICIAL GAME BALL及HARDWOOD CLASSIC 等都獲得世界各地用家的一致好評,而GAME’S LINE除了用上相同的物料外,更於表面印上世界各地的街頭籃球場照片,外觀上更別具一格。通過加入更深更寬的坑紋令GAME’S LINE擁有超一流的手感,而最高級合成皮革更令其耐用度大大提高。
  • GAME’S LINE絕對是革命性的籃球更開拓了籃球製作技術更進一步的可能性。