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ITEM NO : SB7-209

COLOR : Black / Sliver

SIZE : 7

MATERIAL : Composite PU

  • JUST GET THE BALL has a dynamic tagging logo over 3 panels, which is a first for TACHIKARA Brand.
  • The material is durable and the synthetic leather material grip provides superior handling and stable control on hard asphalt or dusty rubber ground. Deep pebbled channel support enables a touch that sticks to the hand helping give you precise shot under outdoor .
  • This model, JUST GET THE BALL is a durable companion for those that love to shoot.
  • TACHIKARA 史上第一次使用橫跨三塊面版的動態圖案設計而成的籃球 - JUST GET THE BALL
  • 採用了耐用的合成皮革材質為使用者提供了卓越的操控性和於硬瀝青或塵土飛揚的地面的穩定控制性。深鵝卵石坑紋使你於戶外都能夠精準射球。
  • JUST GET THE BALL為那些喜歡射球的球員提供一個耐用的伙伴。