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ITEM NO : LB7-103

COLOR : Gray / Black / White

SIZE : 7

MATERIAL : Composite PU

    • Original natural leather basketball made using a new proprietary manufacturing process, developed by TACHIKARA, ORIGINAL LEATHER BASKETBALL Elephant.
    • For the first time in the history of the game ball industry, our new process allows graphic designs to be freely printed on every panel of a natural leather ball, that has the same quality as the official balls of the associations around the world (process patent pending). A sponge rubber carcass layer is specified to improve flexibility and handling properties whilst keeping the high handling power and stable control under any environment. A double-ply butyl bladder maintains air pressure and optimal bounce, and nylon winding increases durability and retains shape. Using original natural leather materials but still demonstrating the same high performance quality required for competitive basketball.
    • This ORIGINAL LEATHER BASKETBALL Elephant is TACHIKARA's highest quality basketball and is the first in history to have the elephant pattern applied on a natural leather ball.
    • TACHIKARA 最新研製, 採用獨特原創的天然皮革製成的ORIGINAL LEATHER BASKETBALLTACHIKARA 的原創天然皮革籃球擁有與世界公認籃球相同的品質。
    • 同時, 是籃球業界史上第一個擁有圖型設計的天然皮革籃球。球表上的海綿橡膠胎體提供最好的靈活性以及於任何環境下的運球控制性。雙丁基製作氣囊,令到ORIGINAL LEATHER BASKETBALL 擁有優異的形狀保持性和耐久性。
    • ORIGINAL LEATHER BASKETBALL 是第一個擁有大象圖案的天然皮革籃球。