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ITEM NO : SB6-101

COLOR : Orange

SIZE : 6

MATERIAL : Composite PU

  • Indoor playground basketball for players around the world in various level.
  • Aiming for basketball that can easy to handle more, we select microfiber material for very good grip and flexibility, also deep pebbled channel. Seamless ball was invented by TACHIKARA and helped ball game sports developed. Seamless logo and 1915 logo for the history of TACHIKARA. Top quality indoor basketball that can fit for any player.
    • TACHIKARA 推薦的室內場地專用籃球。
    • 為不同層面的使用者設計的室內場地專用籃球。為了令使用者有更容易的操控性。我們採用了超細纖維物料制作,加上深厚的鵝卵石坑紋令SEAMLESS POWER 提供更好的抓地力和靈活性。無縫球類制作是由TACHIKARA 研發,並促使了球類運動的發展。無縫標誌以及1915標誌代表着TACHIKARA 深遠的歷史。高品質的室內籃球適合不同球員使用