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ITEM NO : SB67-201

COLOR : White / Sliver / Grey

SIZE : 6x (Official size and weight for 3×3 game, size 6 ball but weight is size 7)

MATERIAL : Composite PU

  • The standard basketball that TACHIKARA recommends for outdoor courts, WHITE HANDS BASKETBALL.
  • WHITE HANDS 3x3 is designed for International 3 on 3 basketball competition (Regarding to the rule from International Basketball Federation FIBA). Made in white for visibility in dark environments so that it can even be used in outdoor playgrounds without flood lighting. Durable synthetic leather provides excellent grip for perfect handling and control even on hard asphalt or dusty rubber surfaces. A deeper and wider pebble channel (groove) supports accurate shooting ability and feel in the hand, even outdoors.
  • WHITE HANDS BASKETBALL developed by TACHIKARA for street ballers who hit the outdoor playgrounds day and night.
    • TACHIKARA推選的室外場地專用籃球
    • TACHIKARA因應國際籃球總會(FIBA)的3人籃球賽規則而推出全新型號籃球,WHITE HANDS 3x3 採用6號籃球尺寸而重量方面則採用7號籃球重量,於香港的街頭3 on 3中亦可以使用,為男女混合比賽提供更公平的比賽。
    • 白色的外觀令你就算在黑暗的環境都可以輕易看見它。良好的爪地力和高耐久性的合成皮革給予你最佳的運球控制 – 即使在瀝青地上。深的紋令你有更佳的射球表現。